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The Families Heinzelmann-Schillinger


Why we love to do it ...

For over 30 years we are hoteliers with passion. The gaiety and charm of our employees are not forced, but simply "natural." We do not train - we live in our ideals. We give a smile - and many pairs of eyes shine back. That's motivation and fulfillment at work. It is also our hotel's philosophy. Our focus is always forward. We learn from our experiences.

Our Hotels

The families Heizelmann-Schillinger are also managing the Hotel Lauterbad **** S. The SPA hotel in Lauterbad gains top ratings in all SPA-reviews and guides for many years. This makes it one of the top 10 in the German SPA hotels.

Across the generations

The WALDHOTEL ZOLLERNBLICK*** S and the HOTEL LAUTERBAD****S are now managed and operated by three generations. It begun with Mrs. Ingeborg Heinzelmann-Schillinger and her brother Mr. Friedhelm Heinzelmann, who startet the HOTEL LAUTERBAD 30 years ago. Shortly thereafter, also the Waldhotel Zollernblick under the Fritz-Ebert-Stiftung got leased (now under the Universities of Tübingen, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe). Now there are three generations and currently 85 employees who love to do everything to your satisfaction.

We wish you
relaxing and joyful holidays ...

Yours Fam. Heinzelmann Schillinger
... and the charming team in front of and behind the scenes!

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